The Importance of Rest 

Today marks the last day of a week’s vacation, and it has been fantastic! While vacation is commonplace, this marks my first vacation in 2 years, the first with baby #4, and the first where I haven’t been fielding any phone calls from work in almost 5 years. It was incredibly overdue and much needed for this Mother Flustered mom, wife, and employee.  Originally, I only planned to take 2 1/2 days off, but the recent realization that Rest is so important prompted me to make Rest for myself and my family a priority.

As moms, wives, and employees (plus volunteers and any other title we carry as women) we tend to give of ourselves unconditionally and often without limits. Our ‘yes’ supersedes our ‘no’ and we put other’s desires for us before our own needs. There are the desires from others to work long hours, always be available by phone even when spending time with family, volunteer for the PTA or some kid-related activity because there are no other parents willing/able to give of their time, the countless fundraisers and chauffeuring kids to various activities. Add on to that late nights making cupcakes or costumes, cleaning, or simply trying to squeeze in a bit of ‘me’ time or ‘couple’ time and we are spent. With a lack of time to rest and rejuvenate, we can so easily (I can so easily) become flustered, exhausted and emotional.

This last week off for me provided much needed time with my family, both immediate and extended, and it provided me with days of doing what relaxes me, such as sitting by the water, kayaking, playing with my kiddos, and reading. We didn’t do anything elaborate, just enjoyed each other’s time.

Ladies, if you haven’t (or if you don’t) take the time to rest, I implore you to do so. Take a day, take a week, and do what refreshes your body and soul. Not only will you be better off for it, but those around you will thank you as well.


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