Exactly what is Mother Flustered?

As a mom, I find myself flustered more often than not. There is the morning hustle where no one is on time (not even me), we are running 15 minutes late, and the kids are fighting over which kind of popsicle belongs to who. There are the drives in the car where the kids are poking each other and the baby is crying because she is exhausted and just wants to be home. There are the late nights working, and when you get home you have just enough time to make PB&J’s for dinner before running out the door to get the kids to their activities. The list could go on and on. And whether or not you are working  an out-of-the-home job or are a stay-at-home mom, we all experience these flustered moments in life. It’s simply a part of it.

This blog has been created as a place to share those flustered moments and to encourage women that it is ok to not be perfect. We all experience these moments, no matter how pristine our Facebook photos look. It’s so easy (for me) to want to only share those pretty moments in life when all the kids are cooperating, even if it is only for those 5 seconds for the picture to take.

It is my hope and prayer that mom’s can find encouragement through this and that some humor will be shared along the way. Because, if we can’t laugh at ourselves and the crazy moments in life, we will just become miserable. And that’s just no fun. So, sit back, enjoy, and live Mother Flustered!